NYCM Achieves Top Sales Scores in Nation, Plans to Grow Team

NYC Marketing leaders announced that the office was top ten in sales in the country. The firm's President discussed the promotions that occurred as a result of this success, and the importance of executive presence.

“Being recognized as one of the leading offices in the country is huge honor, and a testament to our team’s work ethic,” stated Jordon, President of NYC Marketing. “There are a lot of talented professionals in our industry, with many territories established around the nation. I’m very proud of the way the team pushed themselves this quarter, and I’m looking forward to racking up even bigger numbers in Q3.” 

Jordon noted that many team members earned recognition as a result of the company’s incredible success, with six associates being promoted into leadership roles. This creates several entry-level openings for career-minded professionals to join the firm. There will also be a company expansion later in the year, so even more chances to on-board will be available. It’s an exciting time to get involved, Jordon shared – the industry is booming, and NYC Marketing is a leader in the field. Anyone interested in applying should visit the firm’s Career page. 

NYC Marketing’s President on the Importance of Professional Image

"Being recognized as one of the leading offices in the country is huge honor, and a testament to our team's work ethic."

Jordon, President

“Success starts with attitude, and to me that begins with following the Golden Rule,” NYC Marketing’s President explained. “When your attitude is enthusiastic, supportive, and open to opportunity, you – and your product – will get attention. I recommend everyone do an attitude inventory on a regular basis and let go of any thoughts that are holding you back.”

One of the easiest changes for people to make is the way they dress. By presenting a polished professional image, team members make a positive impression on the people they meet. As an added benefit, dressing to impress has a similar effect on the way people think of themselves. When a person looks in the mirror and sees a sharply dressed man or woman looking back at them, their self-image improves, which increases confidence. 

“People watch our personal and professional lives, and our behavior reflects not only ourselves but our business,” Jordon explained. “In all that we do, we need to be authentic. When this happens, transparency and integrity are sure to follow. By honoring our uniqueness, we become our best selves. This mind-set is how we were able to hit top ten in sales throughout the country, and it’s how we’ll continue to succeed in the future.” 

About NYC Marketing:

NYC Marketing is one of the Big Apple’s leaders in personal and effective promotions. The firm has chosen an interactive approach to reach new customers knowing that it’s far more effective than online ads. While digital outreach plans are important, it cannot yield the levels of engagement offered by NYC Marketing. The firm’s interactive campaigns are different, because they reach people personally. Using a dependable hiring method, they fill their firm with the industry’s most ambitious and innovative talent. These individuals know how to channel focus to products using their engaging approach. That’s how the team outperforms the competition. Visit to get more information. 

Source: NYCM